About Ampace

Ampace Technology is a leading new energy technology company committed to
providing cutting-edge green energy solutions. With over 20 years of expertise in
lithium battery technology, we empower the global transition to green energy and
enable a better, more sustainable future.

As a joint venture between ATL and CATL, leaders in consumer-grade lithium batteries and new energy innovation, Ampace combines expertise and innovation to
deliver exceptional and transformative products.

Our Believes

Empower Your Green Lifestyle with Ampace

A global leader in sustainable energy technology, Ampace helps you live greener, on or off the grid. We leverage over 20 years of expertise from industry giants ATL and CATL to develop cutting-edge lithium-ion battery solutions.

Our Commitments

Safety & Reliability You Can Trust

Ampace prioritizes safety with advanced lithium-ion battery technology and rigorous testing procedures. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a reliable source of power that won't let you down.

Join the Sustainable Movement

Trusted by over 35 million users in 29 countries, Ampace is a leader in the global movement towards a greener future. Discover how Ampace can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Find Your Perfect Solution

Visit our website to explore Ampace portable power stations and solar panels. Find the ideal solution to power your adventures, enhance your off-grid living, or simply bring peace of mind with reliable backup power. Embrace a greener, more empowered lifestyle with Ampace.


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