Ampace P600 Power Station With 3 Colors

Ampace P600 Power Station With 3 Colors

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Solar Living, Lightweight Portable Power Supplies Let More People Enjoy the Outdoors

Los Angeles, CA - September 27, 2022: Ampace, a trusted leader in battery chip technology, is expanding its recently announced line of lithium-based solar portable power solutions, which debuted in October. In addition to the Ampace P600, the P600 series now includes car cable clips and carring bags.

Weighing in at just 17.6 pounds, the new Ampace P600 offers the ultimate combination of compact portability and power. priced at just $399 by October 21st, the Ampace P600 is Ampace's most affordable power station yet. catering to the growing market of outdoor athletes, the Ampace P600 is a convenient power source for the urban mobile lifestyle. Powered via USB-C, USB, AC, 15.2V, the Ampace P600 also offers an optional, portable 100-watt Explorer solar panel (coming at the end of October) that can be fully charged in just eight hours.

The larger 584-watt-hour P600 has greater power capacity and can be charged in just 6.5 hours. Ampace P600 includes a variety of ports to connect to virtually any device, including AC, DC and USB power sources. An optional 100-watt portable solar panel can very easily charge the P600 itself.

The Ampace P600 uses an advanced lithium iron phosphate hybrid system and Ampace's exclusive battery technology solution to achieve maximum efficiency while being safer and able to operate properly at -4 degrees F. Each member of the P600 series prioritizes portability with an easy-to-carry backpack for on-the-go adventures.

The Ampace P600 will be available on Amazon,, for an early bird price of just $399, in early October.